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Please check if your question has been answered here before emailing or messaging us.

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Do you have an FAQ page?
Why yes, yes we do.

Do you have any more copies of that baseball Paul Green cover? The one from C2E2?
Why no, no we don't.  Unfortunately, that book is long sold out.

I ordered my VIP Package what seems like forever ago and my orders are usually shipped super fast, what’s the deal?
Please keep in mind that each VIP Package comes with a personalized badge. We order the badges every few weeks, so if you want to receive other items with no delay, please order the VIP Package separately. If you have already ordered the membership and do not receive a shipping confirmation within 3-4 weeks, then feel free to check in with us on its progress.

I emailed Kirby with a question but didn’t like her answer so I emailed Kate in hopes of a different answer, is that cool?
Absolutely not. Trying to take advantage of multiple members of the VIP team will be noticed, our office isn’t THAT big.

My VIP account isn’t working, what should I do?
Please reference the email that was sent to you when you subscribed, everything you need to know is there.

I can’t find that email!  You expect me to search through old emails?
You’re killing us here, really.  But you're in luck, it’s all spelled out for you here:

Please read and execute the following instructions carefully:
For first time use of your VIP account on the webstore, you must activate your account by creating a password.

First, go to VIP Login at the top of the webstore’s homepage and click where it says SIGN UP. 
Then you'll need to create a password using the email address that you used to purchase your membership, and put, “VIP,” at the end of your last name in the field labeled, “Last Name.”
You should then get a confirmation email, in which you must click the red box to complete the activation.
At this point, you should be able to log in normally to view your points, and have access to the Bronze area of the VIP page.

I got VIP status just so I could get a book and it sold out before you told me how to setup my account.
Well, that’s not a question.  Also, a bit harsh, but we try not to get too sensitive. We check for new memberships every weekday morning, however depending on when you ordered your membership, we may not have been able to enable your account and add you to our VIP mailing list yet. We will get to it as soon as possible. But, for future exclusives, you should get the VIP Early Release email before the book sells out! Yay!  

Ok, well I’m supposed to get $10 shipping, right?  Why didn’t I get it?
This is also included in the welcome email, but we’ve pasted it here for your convenience:

As soon as you log in, make sure to update your Zenescope Shop account to include “VIP” in the name of your Shipping Information. It should read something like this:

John Smith VIP
433 Caredean Drive, Ste. C
Horsham, PA 19044

Also, PLEASE do not place an order and then send Kate and Kirby an angry email if you are not aware of this fact. It hurts our feelings. This is why we have the live chat, so you can check with us BEFORE you finish checking out with the wrong shipping rate. Also, please note that we automatically fill the bar with the USPS shipping option, in case the weight of your order allows it to ship at a lower cost than the $10 flat rate shipping. It’s also useful to know when you are saving money on shipping with your VIP Flat Rate.

I like your stuff, but your shipping rates seem a little high. What’s up with that?
We totally appreciate your concern about shipping rates, but please keep in mind that our rates are calculated and displayed automatically by the shipping services that we use. In the comic book industry, receiving your books in the highest possible condition is very important, so we select our shipping services carefully so that we know your orders will get to you safely! Aside from a $2 handling and materials fee, we only charge for shipping what we are charged by services like USPS and UPS. We make no profit on any of our shipping charges. Please take it up with the shipping companies if you are offended by their rates.

I order so much stuff from you guys, don’t I deserve some free swag?
We offer some pretty great rewards for VIPs for every dollar they spend. Look, one of our VIPs just got drawn into Grimm Fairy Tales as a homeless man that gets eaten alive by pixies!  Tell me that isn’t better than a free tote bag.

My transactions aren’t showing up on my VIP account page, why is this?
The system may still be processing your order, which is why it has not displayed yet. Points are also displayed by item, not by order. If the individual point values displayed do not match up to your total, it may be a result of the loyalty point tracking system within the site. Your total does still reflect your full point total!  Also note that the webstore processing system calculates points automatically. However, custom invoices placed at or with Kate and Kirby directly go through a non-automated system, and must be manually put in. This will take more time, but it will get done. We pinky promise.

I still want free stuff!
I kinda already answered this, but to clarify - we no longer give away gifts and freebies for spending on a tiered system. However, we have constant sales and we also do freebies, contests, and giveaways.  So really, we do still give away free stuff, just in new ways.  Not to mention those super cool VIP perks.

Can I cosplay as one of your characters?
Definitely, be sure to tag us and if you’re lucky Adam might share it on our social media accounts!

I have a script that I’m working on that’s the next Grimm Fairy Tales!  You guys have to read this, where do I send it?  
Please follow our submission guidelines here.  Also keep in mind that we do not accept unsolicited pitches.

That’s a lot of reading and directions to follow, can’t I just message you guys on Facebook for a submission?
No, please do not message us on any of our social media accounts for submissions. Adam runs our social media accounts and although he’s got great taste in comic books, he doesn’t have the keen eye that our editors have.  So not only will you not be hearing back, but you also will not have your work looked at by qualified professionals.

I’m the modern-day Picasso of comic book art but I haven’t heard back from you, what gives?
We receive a high volume of submissions, so although every submission is reviewed by our editing team, we cannot guarantee a response back.  If we’re interested in working with you, we will contact you. Be sure to include a resume or card with contact information!

Are you guys ever going to reprint Charmed Season 9 Volumes 2 and 3?  They’ve been sold out forever!
Not likely. We have some out of order back issues in stock and trades 1 and 4 of Season 9, but your best bet is either Comixology for digital copies or eBay for physical copies of those S9V2&3 trades.  Also, we do not publish Charmed anymore, so no, Season 11 is not upcoming.

Why do other people get exclusives but not me?  I matter!
Yes, you matter. You all matter to us very much. We also do our best to let everyone know about the exclusives, but please realize they are limited edition. An email AND checklist is sent out to everyone each time we release new exclusives so you know about it and can keep a neat little list to keep track. (You can sign up for our regular fan email here!)  We also announce them on social media when they’re available soon after the email is sent out.

But I’m your biggest fan!  I’ve been collecting every issue since Grimm Fairy Tales #1 in 2005, can I pleeease have a copy of your sold out exclusive?
Unfortunately not. We have one of the most loyal fanbases in comics, which we appreciate more than we can describe. We really do appreciate every one of you, but begging does not print more books. A sold out exclusive is a sold out exclusive, better luck on the next one. The best way to avoid this is by joining the VIP program, since they get first dibs on exclusives as well as access to exclusives made specifically for them that only members can get. Also, signing up for our email list and following our social media is a very easy (and free!) way to keep up-to-date with this.


At the convention where I visited your booth, someone told me that all of your exclusives were sold out, but then I saw some on your website after that. Why couldn't I have one then?

When we go to conventions, we want to bring a wide variety of merchandise and books, so to save room we only bring a certain number of the convention exclusives with us to the show. Once we get back to the office the following Monday, VIPs get the first shot at another set allotment of exclusives. Finally, if there are enough left between convention and VIP sales, the remaining quantities will be released to fans in the middle of the week, but sometimes there are very few available! Make sure you're on our email list so that you can see when the new books are available and get online to order!


I saw this really cool cover online somewhere, but it says in-store exclusive and it's not on your website. Can I get one?
Unfortunately since these books are in-store exclusives, that means that they are only available at in-store events that we do with comic book stores when we're in the area. At this time, they will not be available to purchase online or through any of our sales reps. If they are in the future, VIPs will likely get first dibs at them, so whenever (if ever) they are released, you will receive an email notification! Thanks for being patient!


When is Grimm Tales of Fairyland Terror Agent in Space #43 coming out?
All of our books are in Diamond Previews.  If you go to Diamond’s website and do a search for our books, the tentative release date as well as all the Diamond Codes are available there.  For example, here’s Vessel #1 on their site.  That way you can even tell your local shop which cover you want (it’s usually cover C for me)!

My coupon code isn’t working, why is this?
Our coupon codes are active for a limited time.  For example, our Throwback Thursday codes are only good for that day...well, sometimes that Friday too if you’re lucky and we get lazy.  No, we cannot apply it to your order after it expires.

Ok, well I want to use it three more times for three separate orders but it only worked on the first one. Why's that?
All coupon codes are good for ONE USE ONLY unless stated otherwise.


Can you guys hold my order, or combine shipping on multiple orders?
Unfortunately we can no longer offer this service, and combining orders to ship can lead to mistakes and extended shipping times. Please wait until you have all the products you want before ordering. Also note that having a book in your cart does not mean it is held; the book must be purchased and processed to guarantee a copy. 

Wow this was very helpful and informative, thanks for your time!
You’re welcome, thanks for reading!


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